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Friday, August 19, 2011

Computer Gender!!!

Have you ever wondered whether your Computer is male or female?

Now here's a simple trick to find out just that!
Don't believe me?
....Still skeptical?

Come on... Now here's the trick to check whether your computer is "male" or "female" :

  1. Open your computer's NOTEPAD.
  2. Type the following line in the NOTEPAD
    • CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"I love you"
  3. Save file as computer_gender.vbs
  4. Run the file
    • If you hear a male voice, your computer is a "Boy"
    • If you hear a female voice, your computer is a "Girl"
NOTE : Don't forget to turn ON your SPEAKERS before running the file.

Well, Good Luck!!!  Comment below and share your results :) 
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rक्षण : India vs India

With the movie, "Aarakshan" (Hindi: आरक्षण, translation: Reservation), finally releasing this Friday (12th August, 2011), the controversy regarding Reservations has got fresh air. Whether or not Reservations are necessary, it is very sad to note that this controversy has divided the country the same way the Britishers did on religious lines few decades ago. Ironically, this has come at a time when we are celebrating our Nation's 65th Independence Day. Well, if this continues as such, it would take away the happiness out of our "Happy" Independence Day!

To set the record straight, I WAS among those who were against Reservations until a few days ago but I am NOT among the Pro-Reservations as well. Here's why the change in point of view :

Well, earlier I was of the opinion that Reservations don't actually benefit those who get it, rather it degrades the quality/standard of the institutions reserving seats by bringing about mediocrity in education. I believed Merit should be the only criteria and no reservations should be provided. I wasn't against backward classes but I felt that only the creamy layer benefited from the Reservations. So, there was no point having reservations. The major problem with Reservations is that it reduces the chances of the non-reserved students of pursuing education in a good institute even if they are "deserving" or "meritorious".

I won't say that I've flipped 180 degrees from my earlier stand and have become a Pro-Reservation activist. But over the past few days, I tried to have a look at the other side of the picture. And guess what? It wasn't good either. The fact is caste system is a social reality and we, all, are casteists in a way or the other and we can't deny this fact. The "backward" classes are backward only because they have never been given any opportunity to stand up. Sadly, even the "uplifted" or "well-to-do" sections of the society haven't done anything for them. Have YOU done anything for their upliftment? Forget about doing, have you ever, even cared about their upliftment? The answer is a obvious "HELLL NOOO" (and sadly, this includes me as well). The problem is a lack of sensitivity towards the problems of the backward classes. We talk about "equality" during admissions in schools and colleges but what about equality in societyAt a personal level, I haven't actually seen anyone being discriminated against (and many of you even might not have seen any such thing) but that doesn't mean discrimination doesn't happen. Go through the newspapers and every now and then, you'll see stories of atrocities against the backward classes committed by the upper classes. Not just in rural areas (where it is as clearly visible as the sun on a sunny day) but also in cities.... even in the Capital of our country [ See the NDTV story on Caste-War  in AIIMS and the Tehelka report as well. Recently even The Times Of India covered a story on how dalits are being discriminated against in IITs and IIMs, and how this is leading to suicides ]. Even the people from the creamy layer of backward classes are subjected to such discrimination. Under these circumstances, getting an 80% for a student of the backward community is as difficult as a 90% for the general category. We, only have to focus on our studies but the students from backward classes need to take care of other issues as well.

But is Reservation the solution to all the problems?  

Well, I'm not so sure about it. In fact, Reservations have kind of widened the gap between the different sections of society and the news links I've mentioned earlier are a proof of that. I am not sure how far Reservation is going to help them, but the truth is the people from backward classes do deserve additional opportunities to keep up with the rest. Not only the people from backward classes, but also people from economically backward classes   should be given extra opportunities.

I have been unable to think of a solution that allows the upliftment of the backward sections of the society as well as allows the academically strong students to pursue education in an institute of their choice. You may say that needs setting up of lots of new IITs, IIMs and increasing seats in colleges.... but that won't happen overnight! 
We need a solution now and it should actually work. If you can think of any such solution, please share.....

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