Friday, February 12, 2010

SRK vs. Shiv Sena

"Is Shivsena justified in protesting against SRK's stance on Pakistani players selection in IPL3? "

The question doesn't even arise 'cause there is only one answer for it NO ....absolutely no. Yes, everyone has the right to voice their opinion but while doing so, one has to be within the rules of the society. You just can't go out threatening anyone and beat up persons for something which isn't worth an issue at all. The Shivsena, in its efforts to get into the limelight and gain back its vote-bank, particularly, after their loss in the October assembly elections, is desperately trying to cook up this controversy.

All that SRK had said was that he would have preferred to have had some Pakistani players in IPL3. All that he wanted was good, normal ties between the two neighboring nations. What the heck is wrong in it!! How the hell does he become a 'traitor' by saying so?? Such allegations labeled against SRK are beyond my comprehension.

Bal Thackeray, Uddhav Thackeray and the rest of the 'T-Company' have gone all out in propagating hate speeches against the Bollywood Badshah. Don't they have something called 'common sense' .....if they don't have that, the least they could have done is to borrow some from normal human beings before putting up such stupid allegations against SRK.

It's an irony that even such kind of people exist even in the most cosmopolitan city of our country. It's a shame that no action is taken against a party that survives on spilling out venom on people from some parts of India. These people have tried to create divisions in India not only on regional grounds but also communal. This time they have crossed all limits ....they have targeted the most loved Indian actor all over the world for no fault of his own. It's high time that something action must be taken against these uncivilized barbaric people who send their children to English medium schools and talk about Maraathi Manoos!!

Coming to the question of Indo-Pak relations, of course, the major problem lies in the attitude of the political heads of both the nations but because of people like those in the Shivsena people-to-people contact initiatives will definitely get a beating. It's an open secret that even the Pak cricketers were under a major threat of being targeted by the Sena had they been picked up for IPL3. Surely that was a major reason for the team owners for not picking up Pak players for IPL3. Cricket is one of those peace-fostering tool that can definitely bring the two nations closer. Besides cricket, music and literature are two other ways of reviving peace between India and Pakistan but even that is under the threat of the goons of Shivsena. Hopefully, peace would overcome all these obstacles and let peace triumph.

As far as SRK is concerned, as a big fan of his, I can just wish him good luck and hopefully My Name Is Khan becomes the greatest hit of all time and even the people of Mumbai should get a chance to witness this movie!


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