Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Sound Of Football : Vuvuzela

The FIFA world cup has finally begun in Africa ...South Africa. But guess what's making the loudest noise???
Did you say Messi's form?
The Spanish Team?? Brazil??
Christiano Ronaldo???

NO .....actually it's the Vuvuzela  [pun intended]

It's actually a metre long plastic trumpet used by South African football fans. Although cricket fans in India are among the most noisiest ones but nothing can compared with the Vuvuzela loving South African football fans.

Last night, while watching the match between South Africa and Mexico on TV, I had to keep the volume pretty low 'cause the sound of the noisy Vuvuzelas of the South African fans was so loud that it was almost impossible to listen to the commentary. After tolerating the noise for sometime, I had to give up, finally and lower down the volume.

Personally, I found the sound to be really irritating  ....as irritating as the humming of bees close to your ears but the volume magnified a thousand times. The sound of vuvuzela is actually deafening.

The Bafana bafana are quite used to this sound (or noise, as you put it). They seemed to be quite comfortable with the noise in the stadium. However, the Mexicans, surely, would have found it difficult to concentrate on their game and communicating with fellow team mates. I find no other reason for such a high ranked team to be held to a 1-1 draw by a low ranked team. The vuvuzelas did their trick!!

Another important piece of South African football is the makarapa (a decorated miner's helmet).  In addition to this, fans were spotted with large sunglasses and signs with phrases dedicated to their team. Many fans had even got their faces painted with South African flags.


Namita Chandra on June 14, 2010 at 10:41 AM said...

interesting post!

Anonymous said...

Ok now i got it, what this sound is all about.
I heard Sven Goran Eriksson was not happy with it and protested against it.

Anonymous said...

Messi is stunning mate. He's been an awesome team player. His mid-field runs n dribbles r the best after Maradona. If u hav caught all the Arga matches, then u'll know others goal cos he makes it easy for them. he's been unlucky.

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