Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Badmaash Company : What we learn?

Here's a list of what we learn from this movie :

  • People from Sikkim, Nagaland, the entire North-East and even Thailand are all Chinese
  • 'Smugglers' and Hindi films are inseparable.
  • Auto-rickshaws in Bangkok have more space.
  • When in Bangkok, beware of girls ....they may actually be gays!! 
  • "Ye batein nahin kartein" (Watch the movie to know about it)
  • Street vendors not only sell cigarettes and ghutkas ...but you can also buy condoms from them!
  • To get a 5 year modeling contract, you've to just spend 5 minutes with your boss in a hotel room .
  • Tiger is the father of a cat.
  • Michael Jackson is still alive.
  • MJ may be a pop star but he likes Jazz ....at least he likes Jazz mamu's brand of shirts.
  • MJ's group dancer has more say than his stylist.
  • If some people in India are dumb, people in the US are dumber.
  • To get a green card, marry an American. However, while doing so, your girlfriend might give you a red card.
  • When you are rich, your wife/girlfriend gets everything she wants but when you get poor she gets pregnant.
  • Fakira is not a censored word ....even if it may sound like one.
  • Bakwaas Company will be an apt title for this movie instead of Badmaash Company.
  • Why are the actors in this movie richer than those in C Kompany??                                ......'Cause they earn in dollars.
  • "They did all the bad things ...the right way" ....I just wish they'd written the script and made the movie the right way


Mr. on May 18, 2010 at 12:39 PM said...

badmaash company is this company a registerd company ??????
if the sequel of badmaash company comes wht would be the title ??????

Anonymous said...

lolz... nice points.. I did enjoy the movie though even though I liked most of your points..

Abid on June 17, 2010 at 8:21 PM said...


Sundari Venkatraman on June 25, 2010 at 1:12 PM said...

I like this review :)
2 points struck a chord (2 chords?)
People in India are dumb. Those in the US are dumber. Exactly what i thought when i watched the film.
Bakwaas Company is a perfect title. What a waste of money and time.

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